Veena Malik kay aqwal-e-zareen

By | March 10, 2015
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Veena Malik kay aqwal-e-zareen

Veena Malik kay aqwal-e-zareen

3 thoughts on “Veena Malik kay aqwal-e-zareen

  1. amirnadi

    Awsome fantastic … the one Aurat k samnay bethay mard ki nabaz chal rhi ho tu is ka aik hi matlab hai k wo us k baray mn soch rha hai :p :p :p aalaaaaa

  2. junaid

    sir this is a very offensive column.
    you should regret over it cause you are a good writer and this is not a column for family . fun doesn’t mean disgrace someone.i truly hate this column.
    but i never hate humans cuz i dont have a right to do so.
    you should consider it either is it right ethically to write such a column which disgraces someone, or wrong.
    decision is yours.
    my teacher told me that you joke best when the joked one also enjoys. so don’t disgrace her.
    she may be a sinner i m not confirmed and she may be better than us cuz she did tauba whatever.


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